10 Cool Photos Of Abandoned Places Found In Pennsylvania

Photographers view the world in their own amazing perspectives to see the creativity and the beauty in any and every place they are. English photographer Janine Pendleton set out to explore the United States in 2018 to check out the amazing states that are known all over the world. The way she did her tour and the photographs that she captures along her trip shows that a photographer explores the world through a different creative shade of the world.

Janine captured some interesting things that a usual tourist does not capture on their cameras. She visited a set of abandoned places all over the states that she visited and this British photographer was so excited that she ran out of memory on her camera halfway on her trip!

Even though a lot of people do not see any abandoned place as a place that holds any artistic value, Janine disagrees. She looks at these abandoned places as important locations with a lot of history bound with them. As much as she photographed abandoned buildings, she found an abandoned train yard in the woods as well. This gives a very eerie vibe to the photograph, almost as if it is out of some fantasy movie.

She loved these photos so much that she decided to share some of her photos on the internet. They are a very interesting set of photos, especially when you take a look at them from the perspective the photographer intended to. Everything in this world hold and creates its own story, photography is all about documenting this story from different angles. 

Scroll down to check out 10 of Janine’s favorite photos that she captured when she was in Pennsylvania. Follow the links to see more of this talented photographer’s work through the links mentioned below. Do not forget to share your feedback in the comments sections as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: | USA Roadtrip


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