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100 Aerial Photos Of Breath Taking Lithuanian Landscapes

The vast landscape of this planet differs from one another. We can break it down into specific regions and countries. Even though every single person cannot simply visit every place on Earth, we definitely can see them through photos and video captured by photographers all over the world. Photography facilitates us to see the world from the comfort of our homes. And now. people get to see the world more than ever.

In this article, we have an awesome set of photos that are taken from a higher altitude. Meet Gediminas Medžiaušis who lets us have a glimpse at the mesmerizing landscapes of Lithuania taken by a drone. This country has some of the most colorful landscapes you will see. Even though the country has modernized cities and settlements, Lithuania has a huge spread of natural decorations created by mother nature herself all around the region.

This beautiful country is also home to a number of valuable natural attractions as well. It has Europe’s oldest Oak tree which is estimated to be at least 1500 years in age! In Dubingiai, there is an island that is exactly of the shape of Lithuania on the map. This is a very famous destination for explorers and travelers who come into the country for hiking and sightseeing.

But this collection of photos deliver a totally different perspective of these amazing and colorful landscapes of Lithuania. The viewers will be able to get the point of view of a bird soaring over these wonderful sights. These pictures have managed to capture the attention of a lot of internet users all around the world. The colors and the specific perspective of this photo collection contribute to its attraction as well. Let’s all take a few minutes to enjoy a gorgeous country; Lithuania.

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More info & Photo courtesy: Top Lithuania