11 Photos Of The Most Beautiful Bird In The World

Meet the bird who is called the ‘World’s most beautiful bird’, the Mandarin Duck. This is a very colorful type of bird who originated within the regions of China & Japan, it was later brought into Europe and so on.

It has a collection of wonderful colors on its body which catches the eye of everyone who comes across it. When we talk about its habitat, the Mandarin duck lives near water bodies, preferably smaller water bodies than rivers and oceans. They prefer to nest on trees since they are good at flying as much as they are good in swimming. These beautiful Mandarin Ducks are a known symbol for fidelity in the far eastern cultures. So, these birds are traditionally gifted in pairs at weddings. They were exported in large numbers from China until 1975, a ban was set against exporting the Mandarin Duck. The exported ducks were bred and multiplied across the world, but up to date the origins of the Mandarin Duck is the region around China and Japan. So, we have listed some photos of the Mandarin Duck which is called as the ‘World’s most beautiful bird’. Check it out and leave your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Othman Syed


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