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12 Incredible Pictures Of Master Edits Using Self-Taught Photoshop Skills

In the modern day where digital photography is the most used type of photography, no one ever takes one picture of oneself or something. Because of the free and unlimited capability to capture images, we tend to try to have a perfect picture taken as much as possible and we always find some error in the pictures we take. In the time and effort that we put into getting multiple shots at getting one picture, there is this super talented, self-made photoshop master who turns every bad photo into an epic photograph by putting his photoshop skills into play.

 Max Asabin, is this very talented artist who has unlocked his potential by stumbling across photoshop tools all by himself. With the time spent, he has mastered his editing skill to get a dull photograph, add a few elements and a background to render a very skillful edit that no one can imagine.

You can visit his website to see more of his work which is shockingly creative. Anyone who is in love with epic scenes and cinematic edits will truly enjoy what Asabin has going on. We have collected some of his awesome work that we found online and listed them down below for you. You can scroll down to have a small peek at Asabin’s work. You can also upvote your favorite edit from this lot to the top and comment down your ideas and thoughts to share them with us.

More info & Photo courtesy: Deviant Art | Instagram | YouTube


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