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12 Photos Of Amazing Embroidery Tattoos That You Have Never Seen Before

Do you sew and stitch things? Do you know about the embroidery style in sewing? Embroidery is an old art that is done by sewing different colored thread using a needle to create pleasing logos and other symbols / badges that are sewn into textile material. The thread is sewn in a way that the pattern is embossed and has a 3D effect to the design. Recently there have been posts on social media platforms of tattoos which look as if they are embroidered into our bodies.

Tattooing and sewing have a lot of similar things. Both of these art forms create their designs using thin lines and they are also applied using needles. Have you ever seen a sewing machine and a tattoo machine and seen similarities in their operation? Even though the tattoos do not use any type of thread, the talent and the mastery of the tattoo artist creates a 3D effect that makes the tattoo look embossed.

Being very colorful and carefully executed. These tattoos are a newer trend that you must see. We have collected some of the embroidery-styled tattoos that we found on the internet and listed them down for you. The skill of the artist is shown as every single thread of the art piece is seen with the visual effect of a proper textured, real life embroidery. If you are a tattoo enthusiast or even if you are not, you should check out the list below to witness the master skill of these tattoo artists in application of these designs.

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