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13 Photos Of Amazing Pencil Sketch Art That Has A Fluorescent Glow

Art is a very diverse section of aesthetics. Within the infinite sectors of art out there, pencil art is one of the most basic types of art. Using simple pencil lines with one uniform color, pencil art still manages to create wonderful sketches in the modern day as well.

This is another talented artist, Enrique Bernal, who draws very skillful pencil art, takes another step further by digitally manipulating this art. He created a totally new combination, something the world has not seen before. Bernal himself does the editing that he does on his pencil sketches. He uses Medibang Paint to make the fluorescent light effect onto his art. This is a form of pencil art that no one has ever seen before. After Bernal posted these incredible edits, the photos were shared among the online community. This his art something to talk about.

These rather mysterious glowing on his art pops the art ring into life with it. The pencil sketches are incredible by themselves, but with this additional effect that this artist made, it just gives life to the entire set of illustrations. This perfect placement of these glows in the art and the art alone is just on point. Fusing these two very different elements together, that is the creativity of Bernal which brought his art to an internationally discussed level.

We have listed some of his glowing pencil sketches down for you. Scroll down to check this amazing set of art while ranking your pick to the top of the list. You can also follow the link to Bernard’s Instagram account to check out more of his content. Do not forget to share your thoughts and ideas about this collection of art by Enrique Bernard in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Enrique Bernal


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