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14 Photographs Capture Dream-Like Love Story Of These Two Parrots

Love prevails all around us in the world. The delicate touch of love gives everything a different and a better shade to take a gander at. Even though we mostly focus on human interactions with one another as love, there are so many more creatures who experience different sorts of love. 

This photographer provides us an example by a photoshoot she did having a couple of Pastel Parrots. With proper camera gear and a very skillful approach, Rupa Sutton managed to capture some Macro shots of this couple spending time with each other. As you can see in the photos below, the playful rubbing on the soft feathery bodies of each other as an act of caressing makes this collection of photos turn out to be a very adorable one. The serenity of these two birds with the dreamy colors of their feathers; speaks of a very enchanted love story. Sutton states that she likes to create stories using her camera rather than doing mere documentation.

Maybe we all should have some time to raise our eyes out to the world and gaze into the wide world beyond the circle of our daily routines. The world is filled with wonder, diversity and of course love. It is just a matter of spotting it and enjoying the beauty of it. We have listed down some of the photographs that this very skilled photographer captured of the couple of birds below. You can share your ideas and thoughts with us in the comments sections below. 

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