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14 Photos To Prove That Sphynx Cats Are More Adorable Than You Think

Do you own pets? Even if you don’t, our love for animals is mutual. There are several species of animals that people mainly adopt in their houses as pets. Topping that list are Cats and Dogs. When we consider the cat family there are many breeds as well and among the cat family, there are a specific type of cats who have been portrayed by people as ugly and evil. This breed is the ‘Sphynx’ cat breed. 

They are very special for their appearance. They have more fur on their bodies except for a tiny bit on their noses. These cats are basically ‘Naked’. Pop culture has portrayed this cat to be evil and used to accompany a lot of villains in movies, cartoons etc. They were first born in the 60s due to a gene mutation and the breed was carefully bred to populate this specific type of cat. Even though they do not have a fluffy appearance. They get more attached to their hoomans than most of the other breeds.

Since they do not have fur, they should be given really good attention. Too much sun can affect them and so does the coldness. Their skin should be at least wet wiped daily to keep them clean. The owners of Sphynx cats explain that they are more emotionally attached than other cats and they do not have any evilness when they consider the general cat population. Sphynx cat owners get so attached to their pets. Most of them tend to get a second Sphynx cat or keep in close contact with the other owners to keep them accompanied and also to help them breed their kind.

If you were thinking that these cats are evil, they are not. Do not let the death stare-like looks scare you. To make a positive impact about Sphynx cats, we have listed some photos of them below. You can scroll through the list while upvoting your favorites to the top. Feel free to share information and drop comments as well.

Photo courtesy: Modermood


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