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15 High Fashion Afro Portraits Looks So Cool On These Girls

Hair is one of the most fashionable and notable things all throughout human history. People have made their hair a very considerate part of their bodies. Hairstyling and dressing have become really common things that people pay attention to since it contributes a lot to one’s appearance.

Among all the trends and style that has been emerging all this time in the world. One of the most iconic styles of hairdressing is the “Afro”. It has created a whole new genre of hairstyling in the fashion world. So the couple Regis and Kahran who are photography partners at CreativeSoul Photo decided to showcase the beauty of this style of hair to the world. Assembling a group of girls to present the world how fashionable an afro can be, they made a photo collection. In this, these girls rock different styles on their hair that goes alongside a wide range of clothing styles as well.

This photo collection focus on presenting the matching of different sorts of hairstyles and clothing styles. It will also tell you that the afro does not limit itself into a specific style in society. But it can also style the hair in all sorts of ways. The aim of this photo shoot was to promote this niche in hairdressing as well as to empower the younger people of color. Because the mainstream publications do not promote styles based on people of color much.

A lot of people all around the world appreciate and share these photos for their aesthetic element. It also carries a message and empowerment for younger generations of color. Scroll down to check out some of their work that we shared in this article below. Comment your ideas on these amazing hairstyles that look awesome, in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: CreativeSoul Photo | Instagram | Facebook


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