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15+ Amazing String Art Collection You Should See

Creativity is something intangible. But using that, there are unlimited tangible things that you can create. This is a type of a creative product which you might not see every day. 

This is known as ‘String art’. It is not quite hard to catch up, all you need for this is a flat piece of wood, some nails, colored strings and a bucket full of creativity! It was very famous back in the 70s and later it faded out until now! This art form makes you concentrate more and it is one of the best art forms if you are a beginner. Just like artists sketch on paper, the basic structure that one can get in ‘String art’ is the out line which is nailed to the wood. After nailing to the desired pattern, we can string up the colored strings to add the life in to your design!

You can play around with the mixture of colors as you wish. Creating combinations, contrasts, blends and anything else. These are not just used for re-creational purposes. They are used at decorations that are displayed. We have listed down some pictures of sample ‘String art’ which is up for sale on etsy. Vote your favourite string art out of the below listed pictures and also do not forget to leave your ideas in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: etsy.


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