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15+ Hand Painted Glass Mugs With Colorful Flowers & Insects

The tradition and craft of painting glass by hand runs down a history deep. originally practiced as stained glass for the medieval churches and cathedrals, they used these hand-painted glasses only on religious structures. But as time passed on, these views are diminished from society and now painting glass is considered as an act of recreation and creativity.

Talking about creativity, this article brings you a very talented artist who is from Ukraine. Meet Maria, she is known on the internet as ArtMasha. The thing which is peculiar about this artist is that she practices the medieval era found the aesthetic craft of painted glass. Instead of creating stained windows, she has decided to take another path to express her creativity.

She creates amazing and colorful designs on drinking glasses and mugs. Almost all of her designs are based on nature. Maria loves elements of nature, how they work, move, how colorful they are and all these tiny details amaze her. So now, she hand paints these 3D surfaces to create glass painting art using these elements as colorful designs.

She uses this activity as a portal to tap into her creativity while keeping in touch with the feelings that nature gives her. This perfect way for her to explore her creativity is a very satisfying way for a wander lusting mind like Maria’s.

This talented artist from Ukraine has her own Etsy shop where she puts up her creations for sale. Now all her exploding thoughts of these colorful insects and flowers can be yours. These awesome drinking mugs and glasses refract the colorful shapes all over the place and takes different shades according to what you pour in them. Take a look at her hand-painted glassware through the links below. 

We have collected some pictures of her awesome work for you below this article. Scroll down to check them out and let us know what you think about them in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: ArtMasha | Facebook | Instagram


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