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15 Tattoos That Look Like Holographic Sticker On The Body

The world of Tattoos keeps expanding every day both in skill and technological aspects. This leads to better quality tattoos and newer styles that are aesthetically pleasing. Tattooing is an art form just like the other aesthetic art forms prevailing in the world. But it becomes special because of its canvas, human skin. The artist should be precise, skillful, and artistic to give a proper tattoo that will stay on the skin for a long time of period.

Safety, skill, and proper application are technical aspects in tattooing that can be achieved and maintained at a uniform rate. But the artistry and creativity are things that ever grow and lead to creating newer styles and ideas in the industry. This is perfectly seen in the tattoos of Clayton Dias, a creative artist from Brazil.

After practicing a lot of color tattooing in the industry, he became curious to explore newer styles and approaches in color tattooing. He has then come up with one of the most awesome tattooing styles that are present in the modern tattooing world. Even though a clean tattoo is said to be called slapped as a “sticker”, these tattoos really do look like real stickers.

Taking a very realistic nature of holographic stickers, these designs look as if they are possible to be peeled off the skin. This is one of the tattoo styles that looks least like a ‘tattoo’. With this style of tattooing, Clayton is now a popular tattoo artist who has caught the attention of a lot of people all around the world. His social media accounts are visited regularly by people to get updated on his latest artwork,

So, we thought of sharing some of his very cool tattoos in the list below for you. You can scroll down to have a look at it. You can upvote your favorite design to the top while you scroll down the list. Do not forget to leave a comment on what you think about this article in the comment s sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Clayton Dias


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