15+ Photos Of Madonna Are Remade By This Stylish Dog

Music and fashion are two of the most influential industries in pop culture and of the entertainment industry. And when those two industries are studied, there is one name that shines bright; ‘Madonna’. She is a very talented and popular musician with an equally attractive in the fashion industry as well. Proving herself to be a gorgeous-looking musician, Madonna has made a lot of features as a fashion icon in the industry.

These two genres infuse when musician create their album art or any promotional posters. So, with an added advantage, Madonna creates some of the iconic album photos in the industry. Often called the “Queen Of Pop”, she shines bright through all her work. But lately, someone has been catching up with Madonna’s photos by recreating her album photos and getting a lot of attention. This someone who steals the spotlight is Max, a golden retriever. He and his hooman Vincent recreated iconic album photos of Madonna, using Max as the model. Even if you think that it would have flopped, it has not.

Even though this adorable model gets paid in treats, he does an amazing job in recreating these photos. Vincent does not force Max to do any sort of thing. They both get each other relaxed for the photoshoot around a week before it takes place. The props, clothing and other things are often introduced earlier, so Max would not feel weird when he has them around him or on his body.

This set of photos are not a funny collection of photos because Max does his best to imitate and follow Vincent’s instructions to create every photo. This is also done as a tribute to musicians Vincent loves. So, there are definitely more photoshoots by this duo. You can follow the links to check out more of their cool work.

In the meantime, scroll down to check out some pictures that we have listed down for you below. Vote your favorite album cover to the top and share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well.

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