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17 Seashell Art Done By A Jewelry Maker And Her 10 Year Old Daughter

The Sea makes everybody a different person as we step onto the beach. The water, the wind and the sand combinedly enchants anyone and makes them fall in love with the sea. This is also the place where people collect very beautiful seashells which wash up to the shore. A lot of people have a hobby of collecting beautiful seashells. They are used to make cute necklaces, wristbands and even pretty ornaments.

But this is a different kind of art which is done by using seashells right at the beach. Anna Chan is a skillful Jewelry designer from New York. Like most of us, she was pretty bored at home during the lockdown period. She and her 10 year old daughter spent a lot of time at the beach because they both loved it there so much. As any person would do, Chan and her daughter made sand sculptures for recreation before they started adding seashells on to their sculptures. It looked very artistic. It was a turtle that they tried out for the first time. Putting her skill and her daughter’s creativity, they both managed to mix in different types of seashells to create all sorts of characters by their seashell-art. Now they are known on Instagram for their very attractive artwork which is done by using various types of seashells.

You can scroll down to find a number of animals made by using seashells. If you follow the links mentioned below, you can find various other seashell creations that Chan proudly shows off to the world. So, we have decided to collect some of those pictures and bring them to you. You can check out the artistic artwork of this jewel designer with her 10 year old daughter and share your thoughts in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Anna Chan | Instagram


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