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18 Incredible Collection Of Photographs Which Presents The Beauty Of The Child’s Eye

They say eyes are the windows of your soul. They are one of the most attractive and interesting things on any human body. The color, the composition and many other details of the eyes make it an outstanding organ when compared to the others. As much as contribute its owner to see the world, they also work to add emotion, beauty and mystique into everybody’s appearance.

This what this Turkey based photographer;  Abdullah Aydemir, tries to capture by traveling all around the world. As much as eyes being very beautiful, children’s eyes are the purest of their form since a child is the purest person at heart. Eyes talks about a lot of things such as, the region you are from, the genetics and so on. So, this talented photographer travels the world to meet different children from different places on the Planet to capture pictures that mainly highlights their eyes.

His photographs of these beautiful children have taken the social media platforms by storm as many people visit his social media accounts and share his content after he posted these pictures. We have listed some of his amazing pictures that he have captured for you. Please scroll down to check them out. You can also upvote your favourite picture to the top of the list and share your ideas with us by commenting on the comments section of the desired picture.

More info & Photo courtesy: Abdullah Aydemir 


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