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2 Amazing Friends Shows You That Style Matters Not Body Size

Many people have become very conscious and insecure about their bodies in modern society. Everyone is chasing a target to look perfect when they do not understand the fact that it is okay to be different and you don’t have to look exactly like everyone else to look attractive.

People look different from each other, that is how genes work and that is how it has been all along with human history. Diversity is what makes things interesting and people beautiful. It is explained properly by these two friends; Denise Mercedes & Maria Castellanos. They have proved the ideology that says you have to have one ‘ideal’ body size wrong. These friends are of two different sizes, yet they wear the same style outfits. Even though they are two different sizes, both of them absolutely rock their outfits.

Denise is a model and she has a large following on Instagram around 1.4 million. She is popular for the challenge of “style not size”. She and her friend both have posted a lot of pictures in which they style different sorts of outfits.

They simply show the world that, if you wear something to fit your body in proper style, there is no worry about what body type you have. This friend duo has been receiving a lot of positive feedback from people all over the world for spreading positivity and for encouraging them to own their bodies proudly.

Scroll down to check out some of the photos that these two friends have posted. You can rank your favorite outfit to the top and comment on your ideas about this challenge.

More info & Photo courtesy: Denise | TikTok | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Maria | TikTok | YouTube


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