20 Instances Where Instagrammers Went Overboard With Their Editing

Internet is now a part of everyone’s life. Many of our lives’ activities are being done online. Also with the usage of the internet, the life on social media is also a mainstream topic. Moat of us try to set up a different life on our social media accounts. It might be something that we desire that our real lives cannot achieve or wish to achieve. Some times it is created in a way to attract specific type of people. For different reasons, people customize their social media accounts and now they have a different persona, than in real life.

Instagram has been the biggest platform for mainly posting pictures and it has also initiated the culture of ‘influencers’. Because of all these reasons, a lot of edited photos are found on Instagram. A set of reddit users are posting pictures of Instagrammers who have gone over the top in editing their pictures. The pictures are posted under /r/InstagramReality.

We have collected some of these pictures that were posted by those reddit users and we have listed them down for you. The pictures are arranged in a list for you to upvote your choice of picture what you think is the most heavily edited to the top. Also, you can follow the link mentioned below to check out more information about it. Please feel free to share your ideas with us in the comments sections.

More info : /r/InstagramReality


Written by Alex Bradley

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