20+ Predictions Of What Major Cities Would Look Like In 2050

Climate change is real. Every person feels the change at a slow rate but it is happening. The practices of human society have been affecting the climate and the entire ecosystem for a long time. But recently we have been experiencing some drastic disasters and temperature rates worldwide. We are receiving record-breaking levels of heatstroke, wildfire, and carbon emission out to the atmosphere. What does this mean? It just doesn’t go away, every excess particle adds up to something, somewhere sometime.

One of the greatest setbacks of climate change is the melting of frozen glacier bodies. A lot of glaciers have been, melting and the sea levels have been rising constantly. Even though a lot of people still don’t feel this is an immediate threat, it will be one of the greatest and irreversible disasters that we will have to face. The research team at Climate Central has predicted that the global temperature will skip 3°C up and a lot of human settlements around the coastal lines will be underwater.

It will cost houses, cities, and huge economic losses. While this will only keep increasing, the humans will be forced back into the lands. So, people will engage in more deforestation and the competition will only go higher to keep on increasing the destruction that we bring upon our own planet.

It should be a great concern of every person who should be responsible for what is happening and also for the future generations to come. To present people the seriousness of the current situation. The researchers and scientists have put together a set of conceptual models so people can have a graphic comparison of what will happen. It is all about the choices you make today and how will you stick to them. This is the only planet that we got, it should be the responsibility of every person to preserve this invaluable place rather than looking away for mere profits and comfort.

Scroll down to check out the list of model cities that will be underwater in a course of 30 years from now. Share your thoughts about this matter in the comments sections below.

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