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20 Tourist Destinations That You Should Make A Note To Avoid

Traveling and tourism is a massive industry that feeds the economy of countries all over the world. People socialize on a global scale while traveling to new places and trying new things. The differences and exotic things to people across the world attract them to check them out. There are amazing countries, cities, and places that you should visit in the world if you are a traveler. But most importantly, you should know which ones to avoid.

Since traveling is a huge industry, there is a lot of marketing done. It is a bit tricky to know what is actually what with all the marketing strategies in play. So, many online platforms such as trip advisor, yelp, and many other things offer people to rate and write their comments about places for others to get an idea.  Meanwhile, a lot of companies, websites, and pages do a lot of marketing on all sorts of places, we thought of collecting information on places that you should not visit. Now, how did we do that?

We went online to collect information that people who visited the places have posted. These people explain what the place is marketed to the world like, and what their experience was like. There are a lot of famous places that people have laid negative comments about. Sometimes, it is not the place, but the experience, or the community, or what the place has become.

This might be an interesting article for people who are planning to visit places all over the world after a long and frustrating lockdown period due to the recent pandemic. Scroll down and check out the feedback of some travelers who wrote their experiences online. So make sure that you are paying for a holiday that will actually be your money’s worth. Upvote the worst place of your choice and drop in your ideas on these places or any other experience of yours.


The Dead Sea. You’re in Israel. In the desert. It’s blazing hot, like 115°F. You think you’ll go take a dip in the Dead Sea to cool off, right? Wrong. First, you have to pay to go through a spa to use their towels, pools, etc. Then you take the wagon/shuttle that drives you from the spa down to the shore. The wagon/shuttle goes about 5 miles per hour in the scortching sun. No breeze. Next, you get to the shore of the Dead Sea. You the proceed to run over the sand that’s so hot you’re sure your feet will burn off. You tentatively step into the water….and it’s like the hottest bath you’ve ever taken in your life. The water is maybe 1° away from boiling. But you figure you’ve made it this far, might as well get the full experience. So you submerge. It’s a mistake. Every pore on your body is burning from the salt. If you have shaved any part of your body within the last three years, you will feel the salt seep into the little micro cuts and burn you from the inside out. You find cuts on your body you didn’t even know you had. Even your a**hole is burning because you have pooped and wiped within the last week, so your skin is raw there. And the worst part is, when you decide you have had enough of this boiling body of water, you practically have to crawl out because you’re too bouyant to stand. And in the process of crawling out, you scrape your knees on the bottom where the salt rocks have crystalized which sets off a whole new round of pain. So now you’re hot, sticky from the salt, and every inch of your body burns.


The Taj Mahal (Agra). It’s surrounded by 10-meter-high walls, and the entrance fee is ludicrously expensive compared to any other attraction in India. If you’re in Agra and want to see the Taj Mahal, go across the river. There are some gardens almost directly across from it, and there’s a great spot by the river with a brilliant view of the Taj Mahal, particularly at sunset. This experience is totally free, and you won’t have to deal with crowds.


The glass bridge over the grand canyon. Total rip-off tourist trap. It takes HOURS to get there from Vegas. They charge you $20 to park in an empty desert. They charge you $30 per person to take the bus from the parking to the attraction (it’s like walking from parking into a mall – no distance at all!). Then they charge you $30 per person if you actually want to walk on the bridge. You cannot take pictures or bring a camera onto the bridge, but they will sell them to you, of course. There is one overpriced place to eat where they sell you canned food heated up in a microwave for big money… or you could drive 5 hours back to Vegas… Go there to get scalped.


Pyramids of Giza; might be being too harsh, but the swarm of aggressive market vendors surrounding them makes the place a bit of a nightmare. One woman from our group asked a guard to take her photo standing next to the pyramids, and the guard refused to give it back without recieving payment (I cant recall the amount but being extorted by a man with an AK-47 isn’t an ideal situation). Inside the tombs themselves it reeked of piss and was a claustrophobes complete nightmare. A ~ 5 foot tall, very steep ramp with f**k all to prevent a fall wide enough to fit 1.5 men at best with a steady stream of people coming up from the opposite direction. Being literally yelled at to buy headscarves and assorted plastic s*** by the truly horrible merchants outside completely ruined my experience of the place, which I’m so, so sad about because I spent months looking forward to the trip.


Machu Picchu. I respect the Incas for building it, the real issue I have with it is the current management. It’s flooded with people (they let in over 3x the cap sto make money) being annoying and it’s very expensive, they bus people up a huge hill all day and we are required to have a tour guide and only spend 3 mins at certain areas. It’s misrepresenting the history of the Incas to people with selfie sticks. Not my fave. You are WAY better off seeing the Inca capitol, Cusco because it’s where they actually lived and thrived. See Sasqsyhuaman and the Qoricancha sun temple. Go on a backpacking trip and you will find Inca and pre Inca stuff Everywhere. With no idiotic tourists families. I highly recommend it.

¡Viva Perú!


The London Eye

What you expect

Whisked into your futuristic pod by smiling flight attendants, you gently rise above the ancient city of London. The crowds fall away as the panorama of the city is laid out before you – truly an experience for the ages

What happens

A snotty customer services assistant rips your d**k out through your wallet as you are shuffled into a stiflingly hot glass pod with dozens of other people. Sweaty tourists barge you out of the way to get to the windows before you have even left the ground. There are children, and they are screaming. The ride is 45 minutes long.


Written by Alex Bradley

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