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20 Women Get To Have A Celebrity Style Candid Photoshoot

Everybody likes to look beautiful and attractive. People look at their favorite celebrities and imagine how lucky they are to receive such attention and vogue looks. And honestly, most of us dream and imagine how would we look if we could swap places with our favorite celebrity to bask in all that glamour for an instance.

This is a usual feeling that every human gets, but only celebrities and such people get to have the limelight on them with a hundred different cameras pointed at them almost all the time. A creative and wholesome photographer Emily London Miller decided to do something that usually doesn’t happen with ordinary people. She got a group of ordinary women together and gave them a celebrity-style photo shoot.

This is something that almost every woman dreams of. Pretty makeup, glamourous dresses, and photoshoots that capture their photographs that would fit to be on the cover page of the Vogue magazine.

This was done as a conceptual photoshoot to help women get away from their insecurities and also to make them build up their confidence. Well, if you take a look below this article, you can see that this experimental photoshoot has worked and every single woman who took part in this has their confidence boosted.

These beautiful women feel empowered, thanks to Emily. People feel lesser and insecure just because they do not have a glamourous lifestyle surrounded by paparazzi, but it is not true. A simple life can be much happier and enjoyable than a celebrity life which is always poked around by different people. It is a matter of how we present ourselves to the world with confidence. And Emily has certainly done that with her photoshoot.

Check out these photos that we have listed down below. Let us know what you think of this concept in the comments sections as well.

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