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21 Amazing Bridal Hair & Makeup Transformations

The beauty industry is one of the most highest-grossing industries in the world. People all over the world are practicing beauty culture as a part of their daily social life. But the bridal dressing has a totally specific spot on the whole beauty and the fashion industry. Arber Bytyqi is a beautician and very successful business owner whose company is popular for bridal dressing.

He has a massive team of full-time and part-time workers who work all around the year. He has been attending to more than a thousand clients per year and it has gone down a bit because of the pandemic. Still, he and his team are taking care of around 60 clients per day.

His work as a beautician becomes highlighted since he mainly does bridal makeup. Being a bride is a very special occasion in any girl’s/woman’s life. So, bridal makeup is one important category in the beauty industry that can standardize your work.

Bytyqi explained that his team learns as much as they give out to their clients as a service that will uphold their reputation even more in the future. But their reputation did not grow within days, it took years to practice and build the reputation that he has in the beauty industry. They always pursue to satisfy the needs of their clients.

The client is always given control over how they want to look. They can present the way that they want to look, the dress, or the theme that is being put up on that specific day. Bytyqi is seen to be delivering the promises he makes when you consider his reputation in the industry as well as his massive following on Instagram.

We have collected some comparison pictures of his work before and after. So, scroll down and check out these beautiful women and comment what you think about this.

More info & Photo courtesy: Arber Bytyqi | Facebook


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