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22 Incredible Photos Of Lip Art By This Make Up Artist Are Some Next Level Talent

Fashion and make-up are two industries that change and evolve day by day. It is very vibrant, diverse and very competitive. In these types of fields, innovation and fresh ideas are very valuable and it can present an artist with a huge breakthrough in their career.

Here is such a talented artist right from Los Angeles, she is Vlada Haggerty. She is a very talented photographer and a make-up artist. Just like a painter does wonders on his canvas with his pain and brushes, Haggerty performs her talent on human bodies. She has quite a reputation for being very creative and for pushing the boundaries of make up away from the conventional practices. She is famous for her face art, makeup and much more. But in this article we focus on one of her specialties; lip art. Lips are very small and a very delicate area to do an art on. But it is not a problem for this skillful artist. She does various sorts of lip art by using body paint, sequins and also crystals. Showing off her talent by producing all sorts of textures and other aesthetic applications, she is known in the makeup industry with a huge follower base on Instagram of 800K as well. 

She has also had legal issues with big names in the industry such as Kylie Jenner and ‘Guess’ for using her concepts and artwork very similar to Haggerty’s on their products. So, with all the heat, we have decided to give you a peak at Haggerty’s work by listing some of her lip art below. Please upvote your favorite art to the top while sharing your ideas in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Vlada Haggerty


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