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22 Pictures Of An Ice Cream Shop Leading In Their Sign Game

Stores all around the world use newer and much innovative approaches in their marketing strategies. But this Ice cream shop has the most funniest and the catchiest signs put out in front of their outlets. B&G Milkyway is the chain of Ice cream shops which are responsible for these creative signs. The chain has spread across South Dakota owned by local community members.

Although the local knew this chain and had their day made by it. But this was introduced to the cyber space by SoDakZak , this reddit user always had a bright day since he always visit a shop on his way to work.

He was amused by the way how this shop used their space of marketing to do something like this which will give out a very positive energy about the place. So, he shared some pictures that he captured of these shops on reddit during the post pandemic season. To his surprise, they went viral and were featured in many subreddits across the platform. With the accelerating speed that the pictures were being shared, a lot of people who have been in one of these shops shared their pictures as well. That made the customers of the MilkyWay ice cream shop meet each  other on the cyber space. Seems like the shop has done well and above in their part of making the community more positive and also by connecting different people together by being the common element that they share. We have collected some pictures that SoDakZak and some other MilkyWay customers have shared online. Scroll down to check them out and vote your favourite sign to the top! Also, do not forget to leave your comments in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: SoDakZak | B&G Milkyway


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