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23 Pawsome Pictures Of Furry Pets Captured By This Photographer

Everybody loves the pawy members of their families. Even if you do not have any pets in your family, a cat or a dog will not take much time to melt your heart with their adorable behavior. They are adopted with love and they will love you with all their hearts for giving them a lovely life.

The very nature of these animals are fluffy and cute. Among the cute features they have, paws are a very beautiful feature that our furry pets possess. But we do not get to see the paws of our pets often and even if we manage to raise their paws, it would be done in an awkward way to the pet. Andrius Burba; an animal enthusiast and a photographer, takes a very different but a very practical approach to capturing the paws of pets. He makes his subjects be on a glass screen while he captures their photographs from below. This exposes their paws and also gives the viewers a totally different point of view of these animals. He is making his own series of pictures using this theme, it is named as Underlook series. With a black background, Burba manages to take very detailed photographs of these pawed friends.

Some of them are aware of Burba and are curious of how the photographer is under them, while the others act natural as they are. Both of these types are adorable and Burba got to witness it first-hand while capturing the photos. We have listed some of those pictures for you below. You can rank what you like by upvoting on the photo as you scroll through the list. Follow the links below to visit Burba’s social media accounts to know more. Do not forget to leave your ideas in the comments sections as well.

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