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23 Photographs Of A New Trend Of Miniature Gardens In A Tea-Cup

People like to get creative and make things by themselves to have the satisfaction of producing something by their selves and also to add a bit of a personal touch to it in the process. This is very commonly found when it comes to home decoration. People like to add adorable pieces of decorations that are personalized to them.

This trend was recently embraced by a lot of people in the world and this was also shared on social media as a trend of domestic decoration. ‘Tea-cup’ gardens is a concept that obviously is made centralizing a tea-cup, tea-pot or any tea related crockery. It is designed by placing the items in an aesthetic manner to fill it up with soil, to create your mini garden on their hollow spaces. Even though you cannot understand how you can aesthetically place a tea-cup as a garden initially, once you scroll down, through the list that we have made for you, you will posses a sound knowledge about it. Many people have succulents and may other plants that can be placed almost anywhere. But that is just one plant. In this set up you can have a mini garden right in a corner on your desk. This can hold multiple plants, terrains and layers to it with its structure.

This new trend has earned a lot of attention of the people. It is easy, artistic and also easy for you since it supports greenery almost anywhere you want to place it. This is an ideal addition for any one who loves the green on Earth. Please vote your favourite set up listed below to the top and share your ideas with us down in the comments sections as well.

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