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23 Popular Characters And Their Human Voice Actors

Have you ever wondered what a dubbing artist or a voice-over artist looks like? You must have been thinking how their jobs operate. More than anything, how they looked. Well, here we are bringing you some of the well known characters along with their voice actors.

Voice acting is not as easy as people think. The person has to synchronize with the visuals and deliver the expected emotion of the character in the given scenario. It is a challenging task to create an entire persona based only on their voices.

It might be a cartoon character, or a voice over in a TV commercial or even might be the voice of Siri. Many voices have been assisting and entertaining us without us even knowing what they look like. So, we have decided to bring you a set of popular voice actors for their voicing.

You might be able to take a jog down the memory lane while you scroll down this list since a lot of these voice actors are cartoon character’s. They have been very close to pop culture with the arrival of Disney and Warner Brothers with their cartoons. Check out and see how many of them you still recognize. Let’s extend our gratitude for these amazing artists for laying the foundation for the modern entertainment industry. Here is one for all the amazing voice actors who show off their skills through their voice without appearing in public unlike every other artist.

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