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23 Stunning Composite Edits Done By A 18 Year Old Photoshop Expert

Photoshop has proven itself to be one of the most powerful digital editing apps in the modern times. A lot of editing, photoshop manipulations and much more are achieved with this elegant tool. This 18 year old has found her way to operate Photoshop to create amazing composite pictures that have been spoken of by many people in the world.

Her name is Luisa Azevedo. She uses real images for her edits, mostly taken by herself. This exppert has the taste of turning multiple real-life photos into one, making it a very aesthetically composite photo. She is a fan of surreal photography and she gets inspired by surrealism in most of her work. Azevedo is from Lisbon and she has been able to make herself known by posting her work on her Instagram account. A lot of people are currently following her work on the internet while others keep streaming in to her account frequently. This young artist likes to merge pictures that have the least relevance together. Even though the photos seem to be odd together in every way a normal person would see, she finds a very successful way to merge them together.

We have collected some of her mind blowing work and listed them down for you. You can follow up on Azevedo’s work if you follow the link to her social media account below. Please upvote your favorite edit to the top as you scroll through this list. Feel free to comment down your thoughts about this collection in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Instagram.


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