23 Vintage Mugshots Of Famous People Colorized Back To Life

Photography is an amazing technology that the world was gifted with, it lets us keep a moment in time with us forever as photos. Even though we have colored, digital photos in the current society, it did not begin with color photos in the beginning. The beginning was very rough and it became slightly normalized, by the time the industry developed to take black and white photos.

With the wide availability of photos, they were used for all sorts of things. Governmental work, documentation, identification, aesthetics, and also for personal use. As it was used almost everywhere in society, photos were taken at police stations of the criminals who they arrest. This was and still is called the “Mugshot”. This is taken to identify the face and to profile the person in the documentation for government use.

You do not have to do serious or large-scale crimes to be taken into the custody of the police and have a mugshot taken. Even if it’s a big crime or a simple one, it is in the same sector in the eye of the law. So, you might find it interesting to see who has their mugshots taken by the police. So, in that interesting search, Jason Baker who loves to colorize vintage black and white photos found a set of interesting mugshots. They were of people who are famously known all over the world.

By colorizing such photos, you can get a really big difference in the photos since it looks more ‘real’ with color in the photos. You can get to see these famous people in a way that you might have never seen before. So scroll down to see what we have collected from what he has posted on Bored Panda Jason for you. Let us know what you think about these mugshots and their improvement by colorizing them.

More info & Photo courtesy: Jason BakerInstagram


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