24 Renovation Fails That Ruined The Look Of Buildings

Buildings are man-made structures that obviously come with an expiration date. It depends on the materials used, the external factors that the building is exposed to, and so on. And when it comes close to the expiration date it is usually demolished to build a new structure or renovate them to make it a newer and stronger building.

When renovations happen, people usually use newer materials, planning, and engineering for the renovation since it has been a long time since the building has been built. So, the renovated buildings should be stronger, better designed and also they should generally look better than the previous look. But for some weird reason, people manage to go off course and ruin the designs and the looks of the building to a point where the previous looks are considered to be so much better than the renovated one.

This has been happening all over the world leaving people speechless. How did the people renovating managed to ruin it up when every aspect of the renovation is newer and better than before? No one really knows.

But what do we have? We have a lot of pictures on the internet where people shared before and after pictures of building renovation failures from all over the world. It is hilarious and so annoying to watch some quality architecture get replaced by something very less.

We have collected and listed down some of these pictures for you in the list below. You can scroll down to check them out and also, you can upvote on pictures that you want them to be on the top of this list. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections below as well.


Written by Alex Bradley

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