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26 Amazing Satellite Images That Will Change Your Idea About The World

Have you ever wondered what the Earth would look like if you were a bird? This perspective that we have when we stand on the surface of Earth is all we have ever seen. But when astronauts go up into space, one thing in common changes their way of thinking and their entire lives. Every one of those people have said that, even though they go out to explore things beyond the Earth, it’s the Earth and its overview that changed them.

So, it must be something extraordinary to have a different perspective of the Earth, other than the one that we have our entire lives living on the planet. So, this reason inspired the Daily Overview project to be launched. This is a project that will collect a new satellite photograph of a modernized location every single day. 

The creators believe that projects like this will lead the people to have  different perspectives of the planet, the civilization and themselves as well. These overview imagery have proved people to awaken themselves and start to have positive attitudes towards the planet and the betterment in general.

You will finally get to see the vibrant colors of the entire environment which co-exists with everything on the planet. How the eco-systems work. How we as a human civilization evolves and how a community is seen to spend its day as a collective unit. These are mesmerizing things that we live through every single day, but we never had another perspective than the one we are born with. As everything else, all you need is a newer and a different perspective to change your life. So, we have collected some of the pictures from the project Daily Overview project for you.

Please scroll down through the list and find some of the most amazing pictures of places in a way that you have never seen before. Upvote your favorite item to the top. Also, share your thoughts with us in the comments sections.

More info & Photo courtesy: Daily Overview project | Tumblr | Facebook | Instagram 


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