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27 Photos Illustrating What Famous People Would Look Like in 40 Years If They Are aging Like Regular People, Per This Guy On TikTok – Interview.

There are a lot of famous persons and celebrities who not only interest us with their talent but also with their nice looks. They look like folks who do not age at all and have excellent fashion sense. I suppose we can all agree that having numerous plastic operations, injections, and facelifts was necessary to get this fantastic image. In addition, people are aware of what Photoshop and other editing software can achieve.

TikToker @mitchellwiggs made the decision to publish images of what famous people’s appearances in 40 years would be like if they aged like regular people.

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#8 Kendall Jenner

Mitchell appears to genuinely enjoy Photoshop "makeovers," as seen by the abundance of movies he has uploaded to his YouTube page and TikTok account, including "Mugshot makeover," "Rappers without tattoos," and "Gender swap."


Mitchell said that after creating content for a while, he began to come up with fresh ideas on how to offer engaging content. As he began making YouTube videos of well-known rappers without tattoos, the public's interest quickly grew.


The artist declared, "Photoshop is a powerful tool for me. I find it fascinating to witness people's responses to the extreme modifications. I hope people understand that everything is only pixels on a screen even though some people are not always so optimistic.

#10 Megan Thee Stallion

Mitchell said that while in quarantine he felt the need for "more engaging stuff," so he switched to TikTok, when asked how he came up with the idea to illustrate what celebrities might look like in 40 years. He observed that people enjoy watching videos that depict gender reversal and aging, and because he was so fascinated by the Kardashian family's evolution throughout time, he sought to predict what they might look like in the future.


The creator said: "Overnight, the video really took off, and before I knew it, I was seeing it reuploaded all over social media. We won't be able to tell how realistic the transformations are because I use quite a bit of artistic license, but I hope folks have


Which of these modifications do you think is most accurate? Or, which did you prefer? Post your comments in the section below!



Written by Judy Philomen

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