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28 Photos Of Funny 'Harvesting Derails' That People Have Shared Online

With the COVID-19 pandemic keeping us inside our homes for a very long time for the first time in our lives, everybody got bored. People moved to doing different types of home based hobbies. Most of the people started making use of their talents and other chased their interests since everyone had a LOT of time in hand. A large number of people started to grow domestic crops in the scale that each person was able to do.

It is around 2 years since the pandemic broke out initially and these crops that people started during their lockdowns bear harvest. As people share their lives and updates in them, a lot of people have been showing off their harvest on the internet as well. Just like how people get good harvests, some people ‘failed’ the first time they grew their crops. Although they were not professional farmers they were really happy and proud to show their harvest to the world. As much as it is funny, these people have engaged in making the lockdown period useful and have gone through a process of actual work.

We have collected some of these hilarious posts for you about ‘harvesting derails’. These people did not receive the harvest that they expected, but they are more than happy to share the harvest online and have a good laugh with everyone. With a shout-out to everyone who did garden-cultivation and had some meaningful time during the pandemic, scroll down to check out what we have listed down for you. You can enjoy the set of photos below while ranking them to the top as per your preference. Share your ideas in the comments sections below as well.

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