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29 Appearances That This Drag Queen Pulled Off Is A Must-To-See

In the modern society today, a lot of people overly care about their looks and make up products are being sold in a very high rate in the present day. This is because every one cares about how they want themselves to be presented to the world. Make up and cosmetics have earned their placed in the society and they have become an everyday product by now.

Make-up artists present their skills in applying their skill with cosmetic products to give every person an appearance they desire or to transform their appearance in a certain way. This story is about a drag queen with an amazing skillset to transform people’s appearances. Alexis Stone, he is a make up artist, quite famous on Instagram for his transformative skills. He has caught the attention of people by posts of his clients and specially of himself transforming into appearances of different people of all age and genders.

His collection of celebrity transformation caught the eye of lot of his followers and they were shared and famous across several social media platforms. You can scroll down to check these mind blowing transformations that are listed below and you can comment down on how successful he has done his job on transforming himself. This is the artist himself on each of these pictures below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Alexis | Facebook

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