29 Instances Where Cities Makes Life Depressed, That You Should Not Risk Living

There is a fair chance that most of you who are reading this article, are living in an urbanized neighborhood. Infrastructure is being built in a very fast rate while, pollution and mayhem follows with it. With a developed city, you will get the comfort and the luxury of being presented with any and every possible options that you will need in any aspect of life. But that will all come at a cost.

Everybody who lives in an urbanized environment leaves its problems unnoticed until it starts to affect them. You might not care about garbage disposal until it starts to heap beside your house. The smoke, the heat and the concrete structures towering up the landscape keep on devouring the natural world as we know it.

There are a fraction of people who identify the problems of urbanization. They try to create a buffer to the waves of urbanization to retain the balance of Earth and life. A set of such people gather around the subreddit of r/UrbanHell to share photos and information that they know of. 

We have collected some of the photos in the subreddit and listed them down for you. As you scroll through this list, you will understand that; living in these cities will surely make your lifestyle miserable with no resort from depression in sight. We should find means to develop while co-existing with Nature. Please check out the list below and upvote the worst post below. Feel free to discuss and share your comments with us as well!

More info & Photo courtesy: r/UrbanHell


Written by Alex Bradley

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