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29 Surreal Photos Edits By This Photographer That Will Blow Your Mind

Creativity is some that can be presented well through any form of art. With the present day technological advancements, it is even more possible for an artist to output their creativity in any form they want and also technology will open up new and virtual opportunities as well.

This is about a photographer, Stas Novikov, who used his creativity alongside his photoshop skills to create a set of amazing surreal photo collections. The modern technology assistance helps him to create his imagination into real photos. This Russia based artist mostly works on images that he captures by himself to create these surrealism and magical scenes.

Interestingly, he does not use pictures with anyone else to edit. He takes his own self-portraits that are then later used in his editing. As he explained to Bored Panda that he did a project for a year and every day he got better with more creative and complex concepts in editing. As he kept editing, he posted what he edited on his social media accounts. This caught the attention of a lot of people who came across his profile and work.

You can follow Stas on his social media account to view more of his work or to pick up a few of his tricks that he drops for his viewers to see. Photoshop has obviously taken the modern day photography and photo editing to a whole new level, creating possibilities of abstract editing. Thanks to these types of advancements, more and more creative people get to express and create their concepts or visions in a state which is open to everyone.

Please scroll down to check these awesome collection of surrealistic photos by Stas. You can rank your favorite picks by upvoting them to the top. Do not forget to comment your thoughts and ideas in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Stas Novikov


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