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30 Amazing Design Winners Of International Design Awards

Fashion and style are becoming a more common aspect in the society that more and more people are paying attention to. A lot of people are concerned about how they look and what sort of fashion trends are being trendy in society all the time. It is hard to keep track of fashion trends of course because there are so many creators and designers who put out their products and designs all the time. 

As fashion evolved as a form of art in modern society, it is now given more attention and value. Therefore, just like how there are competitions for photography and other art forms. The fashion world too had their International Design Awards. Even though many people thought that they would see a lesser number of contestants this time because of the pandemic, there were many submissions from all over the world.

You might think that there are enough fashion shows and events all around the world. Why does this one gets more attention or gets featured? Well, this competition promotes innovation, sustainability, and off-the-charts beauty in the fashion industry. The judging panel had to go through thousands of submissions made by designers all around the globe. Finally, the competition came up with a bunch of designs that they chose to award. You will see that the contestants were selected for their innovative fashion designs.

We collected a set of these designs that were selected to be awarded by the contest and listed them down for you. You can scroll down to check them out and you can upvote on your favorite designs to rank them at the top of the list. Use the comments sections to share your ideas with us about these designs that were submitted to the International Design Awards.

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#2 Actinia.

Like it just arose from the sea, this jewellery collection turns jewelry into art, uniting the talent of Raluca Buzura with Lladró’s consummate technical control of porcelain.

Actinia is a collection of 7 dazzlingly beautiful handmade pieces that submerge us in Raluca’s imagination.

The Actinia series captures the mysterious beauty of strange species from the Mediterranean seabed.

By Lladró

#3 Code Ring.

You can detach the inner shank (followed by the stone) from the main shank and use it as a separate piece. The stone in the center is placed as a beating heart with golden capillaries. Moreover, the stone of the internal ring has been made out of natural and nature-friendly materials; in which no chemical color or substance was used in the process of making and production.

By Atelier Sorouri

#4 V Vissi: Revisit – Collection Of Sustainability.

Fashion Design of the Year at the International Design Awards, this collection aims to co-created with the experienced-profession, fashion & apparel stakeholders to design and customize sustainable and ethical products.

Sustainable fashion is a process of fostering change to fashion products and what we are doing is a new prospective to the fashion system.

By: V Visionary Design Studio

#7 Why Not Do It In Style.

Why not, indeed? Created in the midst of a pandemic, the looks are inspired by the view from the designer's window and the idea that why not live this new phase of our lives in style. The fabrics used are natural and sustainable silk, super net, cotton and cotton flannel. Also, all the embroidery and beading represents nature and are done by hand by the designer.

By Shubha Goyal

#11 The Jewel Collection.

The Jewel, Mini Jewel and Baby Jewel, a dazzling 2019/2020 award winning handbag collection. Unique one of a kind patented Swarovski crystal handles create a dazzling & stunning feature on each handbag. Superior Italian craftsmanship and leathers are the signature touches which the brand proudly stands for. Included in each handbag a special pocket holds the 'PROMISE' penny, a 22K gold American penny surrounded in Swarovski crystals, shining wishes of Blessings, New Beginnings and HOPE!

By Bentz

#12 Pride.

Designed by Alex Donahue, this time-piece is dedicated to those individuals who have bravely stood with pride for the rights of all people. The watch features 6 colors which continually move about the watch. Twice a day, at both noon and midnight, the colors come together to create the shape of a rainbow. This formation is a powerful reminder that when people of varied backgrounds and interests come together, beautiful things can happen.

By Alex Donahue For Projects Watches

#13 Impression Of Tomorrow

Envisioning the atmosphere of heaven, a diverse and inclusive environment, where everyone is equally accepted, regardless of gender, ethnicity, and background.

The collection is a series of poetic imagery that narrates the designer’s personal story of suppression, liberation, the redemption of the past, and faith in a better future.

By Subin Hahn, Fluid Wear

#14 Forbidden Walled City.

The design reflects the name to a tee:launched at London Fashion Week, the collection entitled Forbidden Walled City, inspired by the mysteries of Beijing’s Forbidden City, and Hong Kong’s now extinct Kowloon Walled City, the collection promises innovations with the brand’s trademark East meets West complementing the sustainable concept.

By Creatique Studio Ltd.

#15 Reconstructed With Nature.

The first range of the designer's contribution of sustainable designs for her brand ‘CORAL by Seema’ using ‘peace silk’. The silk is locally hand dyed with natural dye materials from the environment such as flowers, seeds, roots and leaves. Silk is manipulated to create a volume using grid shirring method and stuffed bobbles, giving it a soft feminine feel and is teamed with Toray Ultrasuede made from 100% recycled polyester and hemp.

By Coral by Seema

#18 Empowered

The inspiration for this collection is from female warriors of all times, MMA fighters and national national female warriors. My goal was to achieve designs that carried special kinds of silhouettes. The designer was able to interpret the empowerment of women throughout centuries and in different cultures. Black represents infinite strength and boldness in women.

By AT studio

#28 Spring/Summer 2021 Ready To Wear.

Ancient Eastern elegance infused with a modern twist. Minimalistic, it’s all about the small details. The collection features uneven neckline; uneven pleats and hemline, with decorative and logo button throughout the entire collection. Comfort and sustainability are the main focus in this collection. All materials are sustainable fabrics, such as Tencel; Modal; Cupro; Silk; Linen and Cotton blend.

By Ying Cai (New York Studio)

#29 Flatfish Bag.

Flatfish bag is a circle handbag whose profile is embedded with a ring-shaped zipper.

Flatfish bag is composed of four parts to be interchangeable: Piece A(with zipper head), Piece B(without zipper head), thezipper, and replaceable handle/strap. The zipper can completely separate the bag into piece A and piece B. These two pieces come in various colors and patterns, and can be freely replaced, combined, and can be purchased separately.

By Sidi(Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.


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