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30 Times That Bears Were Caught On Camera Being Adorable

Bears surely are some of the most majestic creatures. They are huge, strong built, powerful and they have their way with what they do. Even though they can be a very dangerous type of animal sometimes, they are also some of the most adorable looking animals as well.

Children have met bears in the most adorable ways such as teddy bears and cartoon characters. So, they naturally grow up having a positive attitude towards bears. But even these big and powerful animals are not always about destruction and violence. They tend to have a more relaxed and free mood with them almost all the time. Therefore, even if you observe a fully grown bear in the wilderness, you will get to see a lot of funny and adorable behavior with this animal.

If you have a hard time trying to imagine how a bear would act funny and adorable, we got you. We collected some awesome pictures of bears doing stupid and funny things that will just leave you in awe.

To drop in a few fun facts about bears, they live up to 25 years in the wild and in captivity, they double their chances of survival and they can actually live up to 50 years! Bears consist of 8 species all around the world but Koalas are not considered bears! So, within all these categories, a bear can weigh anywhere from 60 to 1000 pounds in weight, according to its type and built.

That’s is about enough of bear facts for one article, let’s all head down for some adorable bears caught on camera, shall we? Scroll down to see what we got for you and you can comment down on your ideas and thoughts about these bears on your way down


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