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30 Bedroom Photos Of Different People To Tell Their Stories

It can be confusing to understand people, trying to find their true self can be a difficult task. But there is one place that we all take of all our masks and skins that we show out to society. And that place is our home. To be precise,  we are don’t even show our very true selves, even with the family members at times. So, where do we go to embellish our true selves? That’s right, we take our truest forms of ourselves in our bedrooms.

This is an astonishing thought that was seeded in the mind of Barbara Peacock, a photographer who is traveling the United States. She travels across America to capture some of the truest stories of people and photograph their bedrooms. When you check out these pictures you will understand how their stories come out of their bedrooms. This amazing collection of photos is compiled to create the awesome “American Bedroom”.

In this series, you will get an intimate and up-close experience of the modern American culture that has really far reaches. It’s amazing how these pictures of their bedrooms, how they are managed and the lifestyle of each person adds up. Barbara was right and these photos prove her point, the bedroom is really the safe haven for a person to embrace their true selves.

Since we came across this set of photos, we wanted to share this amazing project with you. So, scroll down to check out “American Bedroom” by Barbara Peacock. These photos have managed to capture a lot of attention and deliver a very common message that every person can relate to. Let us know what you think in the comments sections below.

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#10 Camille, Age 32 And Ashley, Age 31.

Camille: "People have this idea that dreams are for the young, but my biggest dreams have only begun to come true now, in my third decade. It’s as though I finally gave myself permission to chase everything unabashedly, from what I believe family looks like to the sounds I want to share with the world. The world is opening up to me more every day."

Ashley: "If you told me 5 years ago that I would be a touring musician, married to my amazing and beautiful wife, and living happily in Portland, I would have cried tears of happiness. Never give up the fight for your version of happiness in this life. You won’t know the treasures that lie ahead until you’re there living them. With our powers combined, we can do anything."

Portland, Oregon

#29 Sisters Katie, Age 27 And Janie, Age 25.

Katie: "I would take a bullet for this beautiful woman! I can’t believe we used to hate each other. It’s never too late to be best friends. I love her."

Janie: "Despite being raised by the same parents our upbringing was vastly different and she had it a lot harder. I wish I could have changed things but I’ve always looked up to her courage and perseverance. I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world. She is my best friend."

Lafayette, Louisiana


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