30 Computer Generated Pictures Of Late Celebrities To See How Would They Have Looked In The Present

Celebrities who were in the 70s to the 90s defined entertainment and created all the playbooks that the modern celebrities and the entire entertainment industry look up to. Music, acting and all fields of entertainments produced super and mega stars in a scale that the modern society has not even heard of. But some of these beloved celebrities have passed away in a quite younger age due to various reasons.

With the highly developed modern technology, Instagram user Hidreley, has generated AI based photo simulations of those celebrities to present their modern day look. These pictures were generated using their own photos which were taken at their prime. We have listed them down side by side so you can get a mere idea how would they have aged if they lived until this day.

We have listed down a set of these generated pictures for you including superstars like Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. You can scroll down and check out these pictures while upvoting your favourite celebrity to the top. Do not forget to share your thoughts about this project in the comments sections below.

More info & Photo courtesy: Hidreley

#4 Jonathan Brandis would be 45 years old in 2021.

  1. Na dude… this ain’t what he would look like today. Ny entire life I’ve been told I look like this guy, and I can admit… I really do…
    I’m 44 years old today… if you want ti see what JB would look like today, I’d be glad to send you my picture… I still loom just like him.


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