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30 Hilariously Fake Products ‘Planted’ In Real Stores

Being funny and doing pranks on each other has always been the nature of people throughout all the ages in human history. Without causing harm or humiliation to others in public, harmless pranks create exploding positive energy among people. So, it is healthy and bonding to have a good laugh by pulling a prank on someone every now and then.

You will not mess it up when you are a world-renowned prankster like Jeff Wysaski. He is from California and he is the founder of the ‘Obviously Plant’ project. This project pulls pranks on people from a different angle than most people. Jeff creates a plain stupid and hilarious-looking product and leaves them on actual store shelves for people to find it there and discover the product.

These products that he places are designed and packed on his idea. They can be an action figure, toy, or any sort of thing that a customer would pick up to read the product. These fake products set people off with laughter right in the middle of their shopping, catching them in ways they would never expect.

Jeff has proved that you can pull off pranks in modern society without being extreme or hurting others emotionally / physically. These harmless pranks have been popping all over social media as people discover these products and as Jeff himself announces his pranks on his social media accounts.

We collected some of the posts of fake products that Jeff has put out in public as his pranks on people. Scroll down to check out the list and upvote your favorites to the top. Share your thoughts about these products in the comments sections if you have a good laugh at them.

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