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30 Mind-Blowing Tattoo Cover Ups Looks Awesome On The Skin

A lot of people collect tattoos on them or they look forward to getting one. Since the arrival of tattoos in modern society as a fashion element, it has been developing aesthetically. 

People get tattoos on their skin for different reasons, as an aesthetic addition to your body, a piece of art to treasure a memory, to express yourself, and so on. But there are enough chances that you will end up not liking it or start to feel that you could have got a better tattoo. A lot of young people can relate to this when they get a tattoo the first instance they can and end up making decisions they will later regret.

The old remedy was to get it laser removed which will cost you a lot and end up adding even more problems to your skin. But the tattooing industry itself has found a new method of getting rid of tattoos you don’t want anymore; by doing a cover-up. A cover-up is perfectly planned and a better tattoo placed over the old one so that the new one takes its place, covering the old one.

A lot of people have been getting cover-ups due to different reasons such as; faded tattoos, regretful decisions, poor application or design, and many other reasons. Anyhow, getting a cover-up will test your artist’s skill in technical application to perfectly place the new design without slapping it with a block of ink.

We have collected a set of awesome cover-ups for you. These are really amazing to look at, especially knowing what was there before it was done. Scroll down to check them out and rank your favorites to the top by upvoting. You are free to share your tattoo cover-up stories in the comments sections below as well

More info & Photo courtesy: r/FixedTattoos  


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