30 Modern Trends That Will Drop Out In 5 More Years

A reddit community have decided through discussion that the following things are set to loose their popularity in  the coming 5 years. It is discussed that the very foundation of a trend is to be new and exciting, it is also the reason for its demise. No matter how popular the specific thing may be, when it is around for too long, it looses its shine it had when it was brand new.

If you think of trends that were there in the 90s, they took the world by storm and was praised by so many. But in the modern day, those trends have lost their popularity and are shelved. Although modern trends create a big conversation in the present day society, this Reddit community have come to an agreement that the elements listed below WILL go out of style in around 5 more years. Check them out, share your thoughts and vote your favorite!

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Written by Alex Bradley

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