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30 Photos A Camera Near The Bird-Feeder Captured

A lot of people got bird feeders or places where animals can be fed in their gardens. As much as we get to practice. the art of giving away for those in need, it is a hobby. They become a hub and a point of attraction of different sorts of animals. Lisa, from Germany, took it to another level with one brilliant idea.

During the lockdown period, Lisa was bored as much as everyone of us were. But since she had an enthusiasm for watching birds, she got one great idea, to set up a camera with her bird-feeder, so she can get a closer perspective of the animals who visit. Her plan worked out and the results were amazing! She managed to observe so many types of birds and garden animals. Her self satisfaction with her getting to watch these animals is only half of the story. When she started to post these beautiful collection of bird pictures on her Instagram account (ostdrossel), to spread the story among the people in the internet, her work went viral all around the world.

She switched her bird-feeder to various places and managed to capture various types of animals which turned out to be great portraits. These animals also appear to be nothing lesser of a model. Check out these incredible set of photos listed below and visit Lisa’s social media accounts / website for more creative content! Vote your favourite to the top and share your thoughts in the comments sections below.

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