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30 Photos Of Cool Tattoos By This Korean Tattoo Artist

Tattoos are not just colors and ink stabbed onto people’s skin. They carry a personalized set of emotions, aesthetics, a message, and a lot of things that mean a lot to the person who wears the tattoo. As the tattooing industry expands more and more since it was accepted in society as a fashion element. This made tattooing an aesthetic art form and the artists got more exposure and ability to develop their skills and creativity as well.

This article is also about an artist who has a very high level of creativity. This artist is from South Korea and her name is Sion Kwak. She is a famous tattooist who is known to use traditional elements and tattooing styles in her artwork. Using tassels, knots, and other ornamental objects are commonly used in the making of the design.

She believes that it is very awesome that she gets to relate her clients’ stories and themselves using her own traditional art and elements. This connects people from all over the world to carry a piece of South Korea to every corner of this world.

Even though you find a lot of tattoo shops all around the world, Sion does her homework. She studies every symbol, ornament, and element that she uses in her artwork. This gives her a wider knowledge about what she puts on her clients’ skin and how successful can it be in relating to the story that the client wants to say.

She explained on Bored Panda that the ‘red’ string that she uses in her tattoos is a big deal in South Korean traditions. It is generally considered that people who share or are bound by this red string will be bonded for life and will help each other in hardships throughout their lives.

As much as her tattoos are pleasing her clients aesthetically, the symbolism and the values they carry are equally powerful. So, we collected some of her amazing work for you to check out. Scroll down on the list below and make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments sections as well.

More info & Photo courtesy: Sion Kwak 


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