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Photographer Capture 30 Adorable Portrait Photos Of Foxes

Foxes are some of the most beautiful animals on the planet. Their built, physical appearance, how they act, and everything that we have ever known about them add up to it. People are close to this animal since their childhood with the narratives of fairy tales and children’s books. As you grow up, you will see that they are not those mean and scary characters of these books. But rather playful animals with an adorable demeanor.

Roeselien Raimond is a photographer who is in love with these cute animals. She has been fascinated by foxes for a long time as much as she is interested in other animals in the wilderness. Coming from the Netherlands, this photographer tries to create content that presents her individuality rather than duplicating things that are online.

Roeselien expressed her view on Bored Panda saying that the world has a huge number of photographers while new ones join in every single day. But the issue she has is the copying and duplication of work which makes the world of photography mundane. But this photographer gives what it takes to create an amazing shot that she originally planned.

It might be waiting, failing to capture the animal in seconds, or even lying down on the snow for a long time until the perfect time comes, she is dedicated to creating original content. But no matter how many things she captures on her camera, the love she has for Foxes never dies out.

So, thought of sharing an amazing collection of Fox portrait photos that this photographer captured and compiled. Scroll down to find the pictures below. You can comment on your thoughts about this article and follow this awesome photographer using the links below.

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