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30 Unbelievable Things Women Have Done Throughout History In The Name Of 'Beauty'

As a woman, I can comfortably and unashamedly admit (well, maybe a little ashamedly lol) to having done some pretty strange things in the name of beauty. I love lash extensions, but paying someone to glue tiny little hairs onto each of your individual eyelashes is a little out there.

I also enjoy a good spray tan, but when you think about it, paying someone to spray your skin to make it appear darker is a little strange. Not to mention the disgusting smell of a spray tan.

It may be a reflex reaction for boomers to blame all of these strange beauty treatments on social media, celebrity pressure, or millennials simply being their difficult selves, but in reality, women have been doing strange things in the name of beauty for centuries!

The only thing that has changed throughout the ages are beauty trends. Check out some of the strange things women used to do!


Written by Maria Silva

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