30 Weird But Hilarious Comics You Will Love

If you are a fan of the ‘Out of the box’ type of illustrations, this is your place! Russian artist Gudim, focuses on every day situations, which he can turn into a hilarious comic. Some artwork of him can be disturbing at times, since even if they are illustrated art, it is based on humanly realistic situations. These are the projections of his perspective of the modern day human society, so that he can turn every boring and mundane situation into something that gives something to wonder about or to laugh.

He does not only give you a good laugh, but his comics makes you think of his arguments in an augmented-reality. These will help you to look at life in a way that you might have not ever thought about. This Moscow based Russian artist started his drawing career 7 years ago as his hobby. It became a medium to express the weird realities he had building up in his mind, based on real life scenarios. It became helpful in de-escalating tensed situations with some good humor. Gudim has now passed over a million followers on Instagram, getting what he truly deserves; that is going viral in the cyber space. Check out the set of artwork by Gudim and vote your favourite to the top. Compare your weird and bizarre thoughts with these to see if you share the wierd energy as Gudim. Also, do not forget to share your thoughts in the comments sections below!

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Written by Alex Bradley

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