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31 Famous Emotional Movies That Will Drain Your Eyes

Movies have peaked in the entertainment industry since a long time back. People have celebrated movies, actors, and franchises. A lot of people have grown up with their favorite movies and they certainly do have an effect on life.

When we talk about movies, there are several genres of movies that are there. But in general, there are movies that are being praised so much, for ages, no matter how old they get. These types of movies are getting credit by a lot of people and are being replayed throughout time and time again. You may have a collection of such movies as your favorites and you might even recommend them to your friends.  But there recently was a question being posted on a subreddit by u/akambe asking about movies that these Reddit users love but are emotionally traumatizing. 

This had a very active replying done, since a lot of movies that are generally praised and considered as favorites, were actually emotionally traumatizing and draining us every time it gets played. We might not understand it since we love those movies so much. So, we decided to collect some of those replies and list them down for you so you can decide and comment if you agree with them or not.

Scroll down to check the list that we have made for you. You can rank your favorites out of these and comment down your ideas as well. If you have your own additions to this list, make sure to share them with us in the comments section below.

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#10 The Hunt (2012)

That. F*****g. Movie.

Things it shows:

children should not be exposed to pornography

Children who are being questioned to see if they were abused should only have that questioning done by a specially trained expert and possibly with potentially a trained advocate present because it’s too easy to lead them to a conclusion they think the questioner wants to hear, especially if they think they are in trouble

(note: I edited this due to the several very good points several people said about parents shouldn’t be present, some people are also saying best practice is one on one with that trained forensic questioner.)

basically everyone in that story ended up f****d up

#26 The Boy In The Striped Pajamas (2008)

Came here to say this.

This movie... no words. Still haunts me. Still f***s me up, takes me back there, breaks my heart.

They hired the lead actor, Asa Butterfield, for his innocence. He knew nothing about the holocaust. They didn't tell him anything about the holocaust or the gist of the story, he was just playing a little boy who played with another little boy through a fence. They maintained that brilliant innocence of his throughout the movie. THAT'S what makes the ending of this movie just so very soul-wrenching. I'm still so very moved by this film.


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