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32 Amazing Photographs Of Ballerinas Taking The Streets Of New York

Dancing is a beautiful form of art that is very expressive. There are various forms of dance itself. Ballet is a very aesthetic and subtle form of dancing, which the performers present with class and elegance. It is one of the most powerful non-verbal performances there is in the dancing world. Photographer and Miming artist Omar Z. Robles has the vision of art himself. He believes that, just like Photography and Miming, Ballet with all other non-verbal forms of art contains a greater power within.

Since he is also working in the entertainment industry, he has connections with a number of Ballet theatres. The amazingly aesthetic performance, the expression of the dance and also the fact that they are pushing their bodies to the limit in the performance of Ballet, made Robles respect the art very much. So, to showcase the power in this very ‘soft’ art, he decided to take over the streets of New York.

Robles worked with some Ballerinas he contacted and captured some of the breathtaking portraits of Ballerinas in this unconventional setting. The alleys, sidewalks, rain and other elements that make New York to be New York are all grasped in this collection of photos. As soon as he posted these pictures online, people were just mesmerized by this amazing collection of photos and these photos were shared all around the globe.

We have collected a set of photos that Robles captured of these Ballerinas in the streets of New York. Scroll down to check them out. Do not forget to leave your thoughts about it in the comments sections below!

More info & Photo courtesy: Omar Z. Robles | Twitter | Instagram


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