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33 Actors And Actresses In Their ‘Young’ Selves That You Might Not Have Seen

The entertainment industry has taken over the world with its popularity. Many of us all over the world love celebrities no matter where they are in the world. The movie industry has taken the peak of the entertainment industry. Actors and actresses has become the most recognized type of celebrity in the present society.

Actors represent many loving characters and films that people love throughout their lives. The roles they have played, the way that the movies have affected people and the popularity add value to an actor. But with time, actors, just like everybody grows old. Even though they have grown old, some actors are good enough to still be in the spotlight.

One of these legendary actors is Morgan Freeman who has taken on many legendary roles and done a lot of voice overs which made him a signature actor and a voice actor as well. Many of us have seen him from his middle age to the age that he is in the present, but not most of us have seen him when he was ‘young’.

So, this ‘young’ side of actors and actresses have been invisible with time when they present themselves in movies at their older age too. So take all of the readers on a job back the memory lane, we have collected some of the famous actors’ and actresses’ photos for you. These are comparisons of when they were young Vs the present day. Scroll down to check out how your favorite actor looked like. You can comment down your ideas about them and rank your favorite comparison by upvoting.


Written by Alex Bradley

Reading, creative writing, poetry writing, language learning and grappling with literature have been my passions since I was young. Keen interest in cinematography and music feilds. Completed my Ordinary and Advanced levels in languages stream successfully. I have taken part in European Union missions in Sri Lanka. I have also completed my certificate courses in programming. And also a student and working in Tourism and Hotelling. Apart from writing, i am a vocalist and environmentalist.

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